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    Affordable optometry services in Moonta

    Optom All Vision Care is your number one for reliable and accurate eye examinations in Moonta. We offer a number of affordable optometry services, and our team has the expertise to review your eye health and prescribe the lenses you need to improve your vision.

    We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, prescription lenses and eye medication, as well as the dispensing of spectacles and contact lenses. Our team is always available to offer you helpful and knowledgeable eye care advice.

    Eye examinations and prescriptions

    The way your eyes focus can change over time, meaning that the health of your eyes can vary without you even realising. In order to prevent degradation of your eyesight, we recommend that you have an eye exam every two years.

    Our practice owner, Lawrie Nolan, can provide you with an eye examination that will thoroughly evaluate the health of your eyes and best determine your visual clarity. Our eye exams will also help assess your colour and depth perception. Lawrie is also qualified in ocular therapeutics, so is able to recognise and manage eye disease. He has strong relationships and frequent lines of communication with a number of ophthalmologists and GPs to ensure coordinated healthcare.

    Huge range of designer glasses

    A pair of glasses isn’t just about having great sight; it’s about looking great too. Here at Optom All Vision Care, we have a comprehensive range of over 1000 fashionable frames available in a variety of styles, including Zeiss multifocal lenses and Photo Fusion fast acting self-tinting lenses. If you prefer not to wear glasses, be sure to ask our friendly staff about our contact lenses.

    We offer complete eye care for all of the family. If you would like to hear more about the affordable optometry services we provide throughout Moonta and the Yorke Peninsula, call today and speak to one of our friendly team.

    Eye care and damage prevention

    Even if you have perfect vision, our owner Lawrie can give you helpful advice on how to maintain your eyesight for years to come. He can also recommend glasses to suit you and your personality.

    We have both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses available at our Moonta store, all of which help to reduce glare and UV damage. We also stock safety glasses to reduce the risks of eye injury.


    If you require affordable optometry services in Moonta,
    call Optom All Vision Care now on 08 8825 2104 .

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